Angelique Janssen

Your luxury real estate advisor in Marbella

Angelique Janssen

Your luxury real estate advisor in Marbella

Angelique Janssen
20 years Experience

Your luxury real estate advisor in Marbella.

High qualification and extensive professional experience in buying a luxury property abroad, without setbacks, long term commitment, with advice in purchase process, acquisition from legal to financial advice, subsequent rental or resale of your property.

Long term commitment.


Please take a look at my selection of the most exclusive properties in and around Marbella.
Properties labeled with "Angelique Exclusive" are only and exclusive presented by Angelique Janssen Consultancy.

Angelique Exclusive

La Quinta


We offer:project management and development from private villas, new build and refurbishment to complete building projects to a resort development. Professional guidance from new build villas to renovation and refurbishing projects. Buy and Build your own dream home, villa or project under the sun in Marbella and area. We are on top of all the investments opportunities in the area.

Near Zero Energy Building

ustainability and eco awareness..Energy efficient building

solar panels.

Through a joint-venture we are building with a Scandinavian constructor who is specialized in NZEB, nearly zero energy building. Meaning the total energy used by the building is almost the same as to the amount of renewable energy created by the renewable energy installations, specifications of the house, like solar panels.

energy prices.

This will be the next generation of villas for the luxury market in Marbella, with sustainability and eco awareness in mind. As energy prices keep increasing and hitting all time high in the world and particular in Spain. High on the wish-list from buyers is energy efficient building with low operating costs for owners.


Also considering of construction quality in terms of finishes and being more carbon efficient in production. First villa being built March 2022, building time 8 months. We keep you updated. This will be one of the first off-grid houses in the area!

Luxury Living, lifestyle of Marbella

Who doesn’t wanna live in Marbella?!

Marbella is one of the best know and famous places on the Costa del Sol or also called Costa del Golf.
The quality of living is one, without a doubt, of the highest in the world. It’s a prime location with the famous jet-set marina of Puerto Banus yet quiet protected and safe residential area, with some of the most affluent owners with vilas in the range of 15-30 million.


Existing & New build

Angelique Janssenis Specialist in Real Estate acquisition, in the process of selling & buying & renting out for more than 20 years in the business in and outside of Spain. I only work with the most recommendable advisors in the buying process, from notary, lawyers, tax specialist, banks, constructors, interior designers etc..

Personal, professional and proventhe whole process from buying land, property, construction, reforming, renting out and taking care of your investment will be done of with full commitment. We deliver turn key projects that will complete the requirements as determine with our clients.

The investment climate for Marbellais superb at the moment if you can find the product and have the experience and expertise to buy the land, plot and develop with the correct licenses and professional constructor and architects. We help you from the acquisition to the realization including the national and international ” marketing for sales with our worldwide network.


Concierge services, from transport and drivers to maintenance of your house, pool and garden. Lifestyle services as guided tours, spa treatments, personal trainer, nanny, chef-cook, these are all services where we can help you with. Please contact us for any request.


We work together with the best and top companies in Marbella in the area for renting and buying yachts, please fill in the form if you want to receive more information.

Luxury cars

We work together with the most prestigious high end luxury car sales and rental companies in Marbella area, please fill in the form if you want to receive more information.


Marbella has several high-end resorts, private owned villas, 4 and 5 star hotels. We can assist you in finding the right holiday stay, ether a private villa up to a one of the best luxury hotels.

Cosmopolitan life

the Nightclubs and luxury venues are world wide famous. For any information and guidance where to go during your stay please contact us. The Concierge service can always help you out to find your perfect place.

We can also help you with booking your holiday home, just fill in the form and we will contact you with the different options.

Once you have booked your holiday Villa Rental, our concierge team will also be able to help with car hire, transfers and drivers, private chefs, guided tours, lifestyle services


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